Hello! My name is Ana, I’m an anonymous architect (AA) by day and I read about superheroes at night. I’m old enough, but people still think I’m too young to make such great desserts. 😀

Shedonist is unofficial word for female hedonist, in whose philosophical direction I’m gladly taking part. My understanding of enjoyment includes food, travel, dance, music, books, movies ect., which I partially try to practice almost every day. If you like baking visually effective desserts, collecting colorful muffin paper cups, watching Romanian movies, listening to a band that has only thousand views on Youtube or reading 600 pages in 3 days- than you are at the right place.

Hedonism /’hi:dənɪzəm/ noun- the belief that pleasure is the most important thing in life. The name derives from the Greek word for “delight” (hēdonismos from hēdonē “pleasure”, cognate with English sweet + suffix -ismos “ism”).

The whole story began a few years ago by purchasing my first muffin pan, which made my mother released from the position of family pastry chef. I soon spoiled close family and friends with cakes and pastries. I started writing a blog ‘In the Kitchen’ so I can easily share my recipes. Blog that has, after a few years, given its best in the inner circle of fans (the same family and friends) or I just got tired of ‘you are ready to get married’ comment. As reminiscent of the whole story I left ‘In the Kitchen’ category on this page.

I’m still absolute amateur. I love baking most, but to prevent everybody getting diabetes I try to cook healthy dishes once in a while. I don’t like vague recipes (especially for cakes) that have flooded the Internet. That’s why I try to write recipes as precisely as possible, and, of course, just the ones I cooked by myself and were successful. I believe that everyone can bake great cakes and cook like their mothers, you just have to have a scoop of good will and a pinch of salt.

Good thing about baking is that you can do all the licking, bad thing is you still have to do all the washing.

You can write to me on email info@shedonistana.com or you can fill out contact form, or hang out with me on social media-Facebook or Instagram.

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